Iana Moczar
Toby is a Shetland pony playing on a ball. He is having so much fun playing that he is about to slide off. He is full of detail with his open mouth, in the midst of biting the ball, twitching ears and flying mane.

Iana Moczar


Toby is a Shetland pony in the 1:9 traditional scale.

If you would like see Toby cast, please register your interest by signing up to the waiting list. This will help me see if there is enough interest in him. If so, I will open up pre-orders for the first run which will help fund the production. I am still working on pricing but I think it will be between £250 and £320, including shipping.

Please note that the Toby shown in the images is the original model. There may be very slight changes in the resin castings from the original. The base shown is for sculpting process only.


21.5cm x 16cm x 9.5cm. ( 8.4 x 6.2 x 3.5 inches)



Price is unavailable at this time